Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Small clothing blog sale!

Ladies, here are some things which I've been wanting to get rid of since they don't actually fit me/don't fit me well. All of these items are brand new apart from the nude peep toe heels..which I've worn only once for a wedding but they're a bit on the smaller side.

The blog sale is open to all readers from Malta due to the ridiculously high postage rates we pay to ship stuff from Malta. Those readers living in Malta who are willing to buy something, I can arrange a meet-up to deliver the item :)

If there's anyone from the EU who would like to buy something of the below, kindly contact me so that I can see what can be arranged. (postage rates will be communicated to you later on this week though.)

Nude beige patent peep-toe shoes from which fit a size 3 (UK size) and even maybe a size 3.5 (UK size) however, unluckily for me they didn't fit me and I'm a regular size 4. As I said these have been worn only once and don't have any noticeable scratches. 
Price:  15 (price negotiable)

Brand new never worn coral pink peplum top fits a size 6. It said Small-Medium when I bought it, however, it doesn't fit a medium sized person for sure. It should fit a size 6 person though. 
Price:  10 

Brand new never worn black peplum top with a zip at the back, fits a size 6. It said Small-Medium when I bought it, however, it should fit a size 6 person though.

Price: 10

A small discount will be given to anyone who buys both peplum tops.. instead of 20 €, I will sell them to her for 17euros

Grey waterfall zip front jacket from New Look online in a size 8, however, it doesn't fit a size 8 (trust me several persons tried it).. It would fit a size 6 though. 

(excuse the bad quality of the photo)
Price: 20€ 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Essence & Catrice blog event goodie bag!

Hi dolls!

It's been too long since I've written a post on my blog, I apologize really! Things have been quite crazy these last couple of months and was running around from one event to another. The most important thing I did though was going to Rome with my bf! It was simply amazing and those of you who never went I suggest you do go cause it's really beautiful and very very romantic :)
I must say I didn't do much shopping over there though cause it's too overly priced! I only found this one shop who had reasonable prices (according to my budget!) and it was called Tezenis.. it had basics and even lingerie and swimwear. I bought some basic tops from there. Apart from that my bf made sure to find me a Mac & Sephora so off I went and couldn't stop putting stuff in my cart as you can imagine. I had to put some stuff back on the shelves then :S cause it was getting ridiculous lol. Anyway I'll post about my purchases later. Btw I might do a blog sale cause I've got some stuff I have never actually used and they're staring at me in my wardrobe, doing nothing 0_0
and I need some extra cash. 

Anywhooo.. while I was in Rome, Essence & Catrice did this bloggers event which I obviously couldn't attend to *sigh.. but still I was told to pick up a goodie bag from their premises after I arrive from Rome. So I grabbed this huge bag full of makeup.. here's what I got - beware it's picture heavy. I will post reviews in due time cause I need to use them a bit first.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fashionable swimwear for Summer 2012

I must say that with this heat wave we're having, I will probably pop off for a swim more than usual even though I'm not a fanatic. But it seems that this Summer it's going to be very hot as the temperatures are already hovering around 37degrees celsius and we're still in the first days of July! Wonder what August will feel like then! Anyway, I'll stop with my moaning and better get on with my post.. :)

I love swimwear. Even though as I said, I don't like going to the sea that often..but then again whenever I feel like going swimming I want to have more options being the crazy fashion addict I am. Here I put this nice selection of swimwear you can get for reasonable prices online and that would flatter different types of figures - bandeau & strapless styles flatter smaller chests, highwaisted bottoms are ideal for anyone feeling a bit self conscious about their tummies, underwired bikini tops are great for heavy chests and so on. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Body Gourmet review!

A couple of weeks ago Body Gourmet sent me some of their products to try out and perhaps review. I immediately jumped at the chance since I love handmade soaps. I usually get mine from Lush online or whenever I manage to grab some while I'm abroad; so it was nice to get to use some similar products made by local Maltese people.

I was given this medium sized box full of stuff to try out and as you can see it was decorated really nice.. the same way they decorate and package customers purchases. A nice 'thank you' sticker was also attached to the box. The box contained the following items: one frosted floral soap, one fluffy lavender soap, one citrus slice soap, one warm melon sugar soap, one vanilla bean bath bomb, one egyptian dreams light body lotion, one lavender and chamomile solid lotion & one orange solid body scrub.

I have still yet to try out some of them cause at the moment I am enjoying the ones I already opened and as I don't have anywhere to put them, I didn't open them all at once. I love the wonderful scent these sort of things fill my bathroom with. So, at the moment I can only comment on the fluffy lavender soap, the frosted floral soap, the egyptian dreams light body lotion & the sugar scrub. I must say I was quite impressed. Both soaps are immensely moisturising.. I don't use hard soaps on a frequent basis as I find them a bit drying, however, these ones are amazing and lather up quite nicely too! The scent of both soaps is very nice and relaxing too.. not too strong. The fluffy lavender soap is a nice purple colour. It can be used as a sleeping aid..cause as you might have heard lavender is very soothing and calming and it's good for all skin types. The frosted floral soap is a nice aqua colour unisex soap which has a neutral smell so even men can use it! It contains kaolin clay which makes skin super soft so you can get a closer shave. It's a nice soapy scent and isn't too overpowering. As I said these soaps are very moisturising so even those with dry, sensitive skin can use them.

from top left to bottom right: fluffy lavender soap, frosted floral soap, sugar scrub, egyptian dreams body lotion 

Since Winter can have quite bad effects on our skin due to the layers of clothing we wear and the cold weather, it's great to make the transition into Summer a pleasant one. I particularly like to exfoliate once a week and then apply body lotion all over, so, imagine how ecstatic I was to try out the sugar scrub.. it is a ball of sugar which can be rolled into the palms of your hands so the sugar and oils are released.. then you simply use your hands to scrub all over to reveal nice, shiny & flake-free looking skin. Afterwards, I have been using the Egyptian dreams body lotion. Since this is a concentrate, one has to use just a little amount as it goes a long way. The scent is a bit strong but if you use a little bit you won't think it's too overpowering and it's really very nice to apply after the scrub.

I will eventually do more more posts on the other soaps, or else this post will look like a chapter from a beauty book haha :)
If any of you would like to try out Body Gourmet products I can assure you their prices are very reasonable and the quality of these products is amazing from what I've seen up till now.
They even accept souvenir orders for weddings, communions, christenings etc and even offer a personal service which caters to your own personal needs.

Body Gourmet offers Maltese customers free delivery on orders of not less than 20Euros and for info on international orders kindly email so maybe they can arrange something for you :)

NB: This was my honest, genuine opinion and I reviewed products sent to me by the company itself.